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​"People that think they can predict the short-term movement of the stock market - or listen to other people who talk about (timing the market) - they are making a big mistake." - Warren Buffett

American Investment Advisors, Inc. (AIAI) has been providing discretionary investment management for retail investors, high net worth individuals, corporations, retirement plans and non-profit entities since 1991.   AIAI is an independent, fee-only investment advisory firm.

Our Mission: To Serve

The AIAI mission is to deliver long-term value to our clients through objective investment advice and management.  We are committed to providing guidance tailored to the needs of each client.

Our investment management effort is characterized by:


Focused Relationship Management


Tax-sensitive Customized Portfolio Construction


Unbiased Advice


"Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it." -Benjamin Franklin


"Better to buy a great business at a fair price than a fair business at a great price." - Charlie Munger

The AIAI Investment Philosophy

Our goal in the management of portfolios is to seek growth without undue exposure to risk.  Our investment objective is not to “beat the market,” but to achieve each client’s individual financial goal within prudent risk parameters.

We execute our philosophy by:


Creating a customized asset allocation strategy which seeks to maximize after-tax returns based on each client’s investment objectives, risk tolerance and investment horizon.


Investing in well-diversified portfolios and managing assets for tax-efficient long-term gains as applicable.


Providing ongoing services and advice that allows us to adapt to shifting market conditions as well as changes in our clients financial circumstances. 

The AIAI Investment Process

Our investment process begins and ends with our clients' investment objectives

Establish Investment Objectives

  • Wealth Preservation

  • Wealth Appreciation

  • Risk Management

  • Income Generation Reviews

Develop Investment Plan

  • Asset Allocation

  • Risk Diversification

  • Tax Efficiency

  • Investment Time Horizon

  • Investment Policy Statement

Implement Investment Strategy

  • Equities

  • Fixed Income

  • Cash 

Manage Investment Relationship

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Portfolio Rebalancing

  • Quarterly Portfolio Report

  • Ongoing Investment

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